About us

Who are we?
We are snowboarders, climbers, surfers, runners, skaters, skiers, cyclists who love their sports and who care about the environment.

We love nature. We love our planet, we love to be out there and to enjoy the elements... the sun, air, water, wind, rock, snow...

We are crazy about sport. We can't wait to step outside... we want to grab our board and jump into the ocean, we want to sink into the snow up on the mountains, we want to enjoy the breeze running in the park, or we just want to feel the skateboard vibrating under our feet in the parking lot of the supermarket, as long as it's outdoor!

We are fond of innovation. We love to try and test new products and new materials. We want to discover and experiment new concepts and new techniques applied to our sports.

We want to move forward through our experiences. We love dynamism and progress. We believe in growing by constantly learning and sharing with others our own experiences.

We want to motivate others to follow us. That's where our motto comes from:

What is Go Out Project?
Go Out Project is a new vision opening new horizons on the outdoor world

With our project we aim at creating:
  • an essential guide on technical outdoor clothing and equipment
  • medium to inform on new materials and new technologies for outdoor sports
  • collection of tips and suggestions on how to choose technical equipment for sports and life outdoors
  • forum and a meeting point for those who love practicing sports outdoors, where everybody can share experiences of life outdoors
  • means to spread awareness on environmental protection issues and consciousness of our impact on the planet


Our Testers
Our team is composed by mountain guides, personal trainers, and professional and non-professional athletes with outstanding experience, who share a great passion for outdoor sports.

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Our Testers