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Climbing in Andalucía

posted Feb 5, 2012, 12:04 PM by Italo Balestra   [ updated Feb 11, 2012, 9:07 AM ]
If you are looking for a place to climb in winter with 25°C, Andalucía is definitely the place to go.
You'll sweat in the shade even in december! If you decide to go climbing in Andalucía, bring tons of chalk and, even if it's winter, don't forget the swimsuit! 

In Andalucía there is plenty of rock and it lies in a strategic position straddling the strait of Gibraltar between the waves of the Atlantic Ocean and the quiet and warm water of the Mediterranean see. Even if you can't stand the heat you don't have to worry. Just around the corner you've got the massive Sierra Nevada, which is just two steps away from Granada and where there is and infinite potential for freeriding (at least when there is enough snow).

Malaga is most probably your destination if you decide to travel by plane. Among the numerous places to climb that are located within about an hour drive from Malaga, there is the very famous El Chorro, where you can climb in any season and you'll never be alone. But if you are looking for more secluded places you just have to avoid the most famous walls and in 90% of the cases you'll be the only ones on the wall, a real luxury in these days.

Our favorite walls are: Villanueva del Cauche, Loja and Los Vados (Motril). In each of these places you'll find routes from 5 to 8b. But if that's not enough for you, not very far you may also find Chilam Balam (9b), one of the hardest route in the world, recently climbed by the kid with superpowers (Adam Ondra)!

Climbing in Villanueva del Cauche
A thrilling climbing video in Los Vados, Motril