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Day off in Majella

posted May 28, 2012, 1:00 PM by Marco Martino   [ updated Sep 1, 2012, 3:00 AM by Italo Balestra ]
Day off?

My first thought is "LIVING OUTDOOR"!

A backpack to take along the path, a tent for shelter and walking shoes ... I don’t need anything else! Destination: MAJELLA.

A wonderful sun is waiting for me in cloudless sky, but above all a very desolate Majella which is, therefore, even more wonderful to live. An immense desire to climb that mountain that, from its top, has always been a silent observer of a thousand moments of life.

Laced the boots, backpack filled with water and sticks in hand. Well, let's go!!

 Leaving from Source Romana, following the river, I immerse myself in a dense forest where the leaves, during this period of the year, are of a deep green, so bright to seem fake. All of a sudden, now that I am used to the cool atmosphere that the trees have given me along the way, I find myself in a completely different landscape. The earth and the leaves give way to rocks crumbled by the wind and the inclination is slightly more challenging! It is a little challenge; I have to go see by myself what the view is from up there. Occasionally, there is a flower that can withstand a wind that is becoming more pressing. During the climb, I turn around several times (with caution!), and the landscape in front of me is always more infinite, I feel a sense of absolute freedom.

But I must say I get immediately back to Earth when I find myself suddenly faced with a stretch of trail where the snow is still melting. The desire to continue is incredibly strong, but my fear of the height of the snow is not far behind! 

So I realize that maybe it is better to get over with my desire to look around  and that concentrating on my walk is definitely the best thing to get on top.
After I realize that I am able to overcome the obstacle, glad, I continue on my path to the top.
I choose, as usual, not to walk the same path to go back, so after being sunk in the gravel for a great distance, I choose to go on a path that brings me back to the Valley trough the Fonte dell’Orso.


That mountain which I observed in silence a thousand times and often gave me emotions, today has allowed me to be lived.

Now, when I look at it from the tent at night, I feel closer to it.

Day off in Majella