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REWOOLUTION. An Italian reality!

posted Jul 13, 2012, 1:39 PM by Marco Martino   [ updated Nov 20, 2012, 12:07 PM by Italo Balestra ]

Thanks to a friend, we’ve had in our hands a t-shirt in Merino wool of a company that we didn’t know: REWOOLUTION.

We loved the product already at first impact, we did some research and we discovered with delight that this is an Italian company.

Open to dialogue, they granted us an interview, or, better to say, a chat….

We talked with Flavia Chiarelli, marketing manager for Rewoolution.

GOP: Rewoolution, a young brand in the field of technical sport, born of a family business with extensive experience on the shoulders of the textile.

Tell us how you struck the spark that created Rewoolution.

RW: The spark that gave life to the project dates back a few years ago, when the fourth generation of the Reda wool mill, underpinned by its extensive know-how on the Merino fiber, and by its strong shared love of Outdoor life, decided to diversify its production activities by launching into a new adventure. So they created the first prototypes of Rewoolution, a brand activewear in pure Merino wool from New Zealand: between now and the first collection in stores is a short step.

GOP: Finally an Italian company in a world ruled by foreign brands! Made in Italy label is a value that can still make a difference in a globalized market?

RW: Absolutely yes! Despite the stroke of recent years to an increasing internationalization of markets, Italian culture know-how as well as the high quality of fabrics made in Italy, are values of great importance, capable of making a difference on the Italian store, but even more distinctive on demanding European markets.

GOP: Merino wool  is natural, recyclable and environmentally friendly.

In line with a raw material like this, what other choices are doing Rewoolution about topics such as sustainability and the environment?

RW: Rewoolution is born in Reda, which is a woollen mill always dedicated to producing yarns environmentally friendly. The wool used, coming from farms owned company in New Zealand, is transported to Italy and worked entirely within our wool mill , unique in the world certified EMAS, the environmental management system that requires full compliance with the limits imposed by law for the protection of the environment and, above all, greater attention in the early stages of production to minimize the environmental impact.

GOP: The company is Italian and New Zealand is perhaps the farthest place from it in absolute. Rewoolution closely follows the entire production process, from sheep farming to retailing. Does it take a great effort?

RW: Lead and manage adequately and continuously a production process so extensive, that from the fleece of the sheep leads directly to the finished product, it costs a great effort, in terms of material resources and attention and seriousness because each step is handled properly.

Contacts with New Zealand, a land where the lane is acquired, are almost daily; especially Rewoolution entered immediately in their own right among the companies certified Zque, the institution that will promote New Zealand 80% of the volume of wool Merino, as well as of their very high standards of quality.


GOP: For several years the Merino wool really seems to depopulate the world of sports people and those who live the outdoors in general. A change in trend, a return to origins or true evolution in the field of technical?

RW: We can certainly speak of a spontaneous and increasing combination of the last two issues, namely a return to tradition on the edge of a stunning technological innovation. The wool used in sports today is far removed from the touch memory that it kept our parents and grandparents, while retaining the important and unique natural features.

GOP: We talk about the product. The spinning methods you use are unique and seem to make a difference compared to traditional garments with yarn ... tell us something more.

RW: All tissues Rewoolution are processed thanks to a particular and innovative technology, called Compact 3, which allows to obtain a texture compact and thin, soft to the touch and incredibly comfortable on the skin. This makes much difference when you wear this product! 

: The seams in many of your items are visible: an aesthetic or technical solution?

: The stitching, and sometimes in contrast, are certainly a stylistic device that gives a particular technical to these sports items of clothing. An important characteristic of the heads Rewoolution is, however, the construction of the stitching to three needles, commonly used for the diving suits, against the four needles traditionally used in knitting, which allows to obtain a unique seal and elasticity and a high abrasion resistance.
GOP: In the catalogue there are multiple product lines and heads of different weights. Who are directed to and what are the different uses?

RW: Exactly at this moment we offer weights rather basic, as we will increase it by expanding the collection to the outerwear garments. As for our lines, cuts and technical detail more specifically define the use. They range from Next to Skin, commonly used as first Baselayer thermal layer on the skin, to a line Active, the most comfortable fit, technical details and inserts designed for high impact sports.

Great attention to ourselves Outdoor world, understood in its broadest sense, which is also part of the new line Polo pique and Jersey. And finally we have the collection Baisc, designed originally for the northern European countries, offering a product even more clean and simple, suitable to range from sport to casual wear.

GOP: Today, corporate marketing, especially outdoor ones, is focusing on the effect that the athletes, spokespeople and opinion leaders, leaving channels "classic" advertising almost secondary. What will be the future means of communication and dissemination of Rewoolution?

RW: Rewoolution is riding at full this trend; for the coming months we plan to develop awareness of their brand through a mix of channels and alternative places, to reach consumers where they cultivate their own passions. Use of Ambassador, called Rewoolution People, ready to share with us their sporting adventures in the company of Rewoolution, in the presence of our Igloo Experience Tour from villages sporting events and outdoor, branding at 365 days of snow & bike park on national territory.

GOP: And finally, what are you doing this weekend for outdoor living?

RW: So ... I've spent the last weekend in Chamonix, shooting it for ice climbing on the Mer de Glace, has been an exciting and memorable experience, obviously in the company of faithful Rewoolution.

For this Sunday ... I think I will opt for a well deserved rest on the shore!

GOP: Thank you and see you soon! Have a great weekend!