Donation of Estancia El Rincon

posted May 25, 2013, 3:39 AM by GoOut Project

Conservacion Patagonica donated Estancia El Rincon to the national parks system of Argentina.

In the northwest area of the Santa Cruz Province, the 150-square-km El Rincon will expand Perito Moreno National Park. El Rincon encompasses the Lácteo River Valley, which provides access to the dramatic and still-unclimbed south face of San Lorenzo, Patagonia’s second-highest peak.

The expansion of Perito Moreno National Park follows in the footsteps of Conservacion Patagonica’s donation of the 630-square-km Estancia Monte Leon to Argentine National Parks to establish Monte Leon National Park, as well as the Conservation Land Trust’s contribution of private lands to create Corcovado National Park in Chile. This donation today represents a key milestone in the Conservacion Patagonica's plan to contribute all the conservation properties into the national parks system of their respective countries.