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Black Diamond - Highlights Fall 2014

posted Feb 9, 2014, 4:18 AM by GoOut Project   [ updated Feb 18, 2014, 4:19 AM ]

Among the new Black Diamond products for fall/winter 2014, the most innovative ones will definitely be the avalanche airbag backpacks using the new JetForce inflating system and the new Carbon Megawatt skis, the lightest skis on the market for their size. The Halo 28L JetForce pack and the Carbon Megawatt skis won the prestigious ISPO Award 2014 in the category Ski. 


JetForce is the first Avalanche Airbag Technology to use jet-fan inflation, a breakthrough system that draws air from an unlimited source: the atmosphere. Testable, re-deployable, and travel-friendly, JetForce is the result of a multiyear collaboration between Black Diamond and PIEPS.

JetForce features a number of improvements over existing airbag technologies:
  • JET FAN - Battery-powered jet-fan inflates a 200L airbag in 3.5s followed by tear recovery bursts
  • TRAVEL-FRIENDLY - No travel restrictions
  • MULTIPLE DEPLOYMENTS - Compact, rechargeable Lithium-ion battery supports 4 deployments per charge
  • AUTO SELF-DIAGNOSIS - LED lights indicate system status and PIEPS electronics perform "good-to-go" system check on every startup
  • LARGER AIRBAG - 200L-airbag constructed with high-tenacity, puncture resistant automotive airbag material
  • DEFLATION - 200L-airbag automatically deflates after 3 minutes to create a potential air pocket that can increase the chance of survival in case of complete burial
  • PRACTICE - Airbag is easy to repack for multiple deployments or practice
A snowboard carrying system is present only on the largest model (Saga 40L). The two smaller models (Pilot 11L and Halo 28L) only have ski-carrying systems. Fortunately, PIEPS will produce two packs with the JetForce system also for snowboarders. 


The lightest ski on the market for its size, rockered touring ski designed to blend alpine-inspired performance with backcountry efficiency. Black Diamond's flagship ski designed for those who crave deep, untracked backcountry lines, the redesigned Carbon Megawatt is the ultimate powder touring ski. A new carbon construction means the Megawatt keeps getting lighter (240 grams less per pair than the previous generation) while retaining powerful, hard-charging performance.

  • Floaty 120 mm waist with Rocker tip and Semi-Rocker tail 
  • Formula One 3D Light Sandwich with pre-preg carbon construction and paulownia wood core 
  • Optimized construction makes it the lightest ski on the market for its size 
  • 5 mm beveled ABS sidewall with Power Edges 
  • SkinLock tail tabs
Length: 178, 188 cm
Weight:  3.2,  3.4 kg

Demonstration of the Halo 28l pack at the ISPO

Black DIamond - Highlights Fall 2014