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Jeremy Jones at ISPO Winter 2012

posted Feb 6, 2012, 1:02 PM by Italo Balestra   [ updated Apr 6, 2012, 2:04 PM by GoOut Project ]
Go out Project meets Jeremy Jones
Hi Jeremy, we are great fans of yours. We are very inspired by your way of doing freeride.
Hi, thanks guys.

We're from Rome, you know, there are great mountains to ride and a huge potential for freeriding on the central Appennini. Have you ever been there? 
No, but I'd love to go to Rome one day and check those mountains.

Can you show us your new products for next winter?
This year about 80% of our boards will be splits. But the two main innovations are the new Carbon series (high-performance carbon boards) and the new Women's line, which includes also splits.

What's the reason why you added carbon to your boards?
It makes the boards more reactive.

Jones Snowboars' stand at ISPO 2012
(A provocative comment:)
Hey Jeremy, I'm still a bit skeptical about the idea of splitting a board...
Have you seen my videos? That wouldn't have been possible without a splitboard. If you still want to walk up with snowshoes you are free to do it, but you're fucking crazy!

“Deeper” ... “Further” ... what's gonna be your next movie?
I don't know yet, one movie at a time! 

You know, in Italy you've got lots of fans, who follow your performances.
I didn't know it, wow, it's nice to hear that.

You should come to Rome to present your next movie, what do you think?
Good idea! I'll think about it.

Bye Jeremy, see you in Italy!
See you guys.