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Columbia/Mountain Hardware new cooling technology

posted Apr 14, 2013, 3:13 PM by Italo Balestra   [ updated May 1, 2013, 5:56 AM ]

Columbia and Mountain Hardware launch their new cooling-technology collections for trail runners and hot-weather hikers, cyclers, and runners.

Columbia and its subsidiary brand Mountain Hardware teamed up for the first time to co-launch a technology that will be used by both brands. It will be called Omni-Freeze ZERO by Columbia and Cool.Q™ ZERO by Mountain Hardware. The technology is still kept secret, but it seems to be related to the same polymer used for water filtration.

Omni-Freeze ZERO and Cool.Q™ ZERO are claimed to be the first technologies to actively cool a fabric's surface. Their tiny circles should react with sweat to lower the temperature of the material so your body can maximize energy and comfort.

According to Mountain Hardware, "Cool.Q ZERO’s little blue circles position an active cooling agent next to your skin that reacts with your sweat to lower the temperature of the fabric and to accelerate wicking, therefore creating an instant and prolonged cooling effect. Those little blue circles embedded in the fabric use energy from sweat to actively cool the wearer and enhance performance."

At Go Out Project, we can't wait to test this new cooling technology!