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Report ISPO Winter 2012

posted Feb 11, 2012, 11:36 AM by GoOut Project   [ updated Feb 19, 2012, 2:35 AM ]

The winter edition of ISPO 2012 ended just a few days ago. ISPO is the largest and most important european trade fair for sport and outdoor and a leading international sport business network. Every year, thanks to the excellent organization, more than 2000 international exhibitors gather in Munich to present their latest products to over 80000 visitors from more than 100 countries. Visitors have the chance to directly meet the most important companies, to have a closer look at their new products, and to discuss the new ideas presented. 

Thanks to several sport events performed inside the fair and the presence of many young people, especially orbiting around the skateboard/snowboard events, ISPO is not only an important business meeting, but it manages to offer an unpredictable, entertaining, and out-of-the-scheme event. During the 4-days fair, many parties are organized with music, any kind of food, and endless bier. Lots of people from all over the world dance and have fun and get drunk! So at the end of the day, watch out and behave, cause you may end up dancing with the managing director of your company!

Apart from being a great nice party, ISPO is most importantly a window on the next future of outdoor sports. The new products of the forthcoming winter season are presented here, therefore offering an important chance to have a preview of the future trends and latest innovations for all those working in the field.  

The general impression transmitted by ISPO is a great effort to push the world toward the right direction: that of practicing sport outdoor! 

This year also, once more, most of the Outdoor brands are concentrating their efforts on the evolution of technical clothing, seeking the best performances and the maximum comfort. The most notable tendency of the leading brands for next year is the attempt to mix up different categories of outdoor clothes on a single hybrid garment aiming at reaching the highest possible performances. Next season we will see jackets and pants, in which different concepts of technical outdoor clothes, up to now always kept separated, will start to coexist: hard shells with parts of soft shells, insulators with fleece appendices, soft shells with insulators, and so on and so forth. It will be definitely very interesting to try them on next season!

For what concerns Ski and Snowboard, which make up a very large portion of the fair, the rampant tendency is freeride, meant here in its purest nature, that is deep snow far from the pistes. Skis are growing fatter and fatter, with longer and longer noses, and desperate rockers!

And the snowboards? Same idea. Together with the jibbing boards every year we see more and more "deep-snow" boards. As for skis, the boards are following the same trend of increasing length of noses. In addition, this year we'll see a real burst of splits! For many years splitboards have been produced in very limited editions only by a few chosen companies, but this year almost every single snowboard brand will have at least one split in its catalog. Splits, splits, and more splits! In line with the new trend of contaminations, many snowboard companies, starting from this year, will offer several models of skis in their catalogs. Even the epic and hyper-radical Dupraz has very proudly presented in its stand at ISPO this year its new skis.

Of course, that's not all... climbing, skateboarding, slackline, mountain bike, running, nordic walking... so many ways to have fun oudoor! 

Good bye ISPO, see you next year!