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Synthetic insulating materials

Close-ups of some insulating materials

Nowadays countless insulating materials can be found on the market. The basic concept behind them is the same, but different materials produced by different companies may somewhat vary. The most commonly used synthetic insulating materials used for outdoor clothing are: 
  • Primaloft®
  • Polarguard®
  • Thermolite®
  • Thinsulate®
  • Thermore®
  • Coreloft®
Obviously, every company advertises its product as the best and the most effective one, but real data or tests to directly compare performances of different materials are still missing. Therefore, as it often happens, for us customers it is difficult to make a sensible and unbiased choice. In our tests we made a qualitative comparison of two of the materials mentioned above (see Test Insulator).

Although it is certainly not a guarantee of best quality or best performances, if we simply look at what is the most common synthetic insulation material chosen by today's most technical brands of outdoor clothes, Primaloft® seems to have the lead. However, commercial strategies and relationships between producers of materials and clothes manufacturing companies are unknown to the public and are also rapidly evolving, following technical innovation of materials. For this reason the list of brands that we mention here is merely intended to provide buyers an overview of what are the latest trends of the market.

Primaloft waterproofness test

You can pour water directly onto a piece of Primaloft® and it will not penetrate though it, which shows how this material is also water resistance to a certain degree