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Haglöfs - Tura 25l

posted Jan 23, 2014, 1:19 AM by GoOut Project   [ updated Mar 5, 2014, 10:38 AM ]

Having a “good backpack” in the backcountry, especially in winter, may mean much less hassle, much less waste of energy, and consequently more fun. Always in search for the “perfect gear”, Go Out Project decided to test the Tura 25l, the new backcountry backpack by Haglöfs.

Technical Description

The Tura is a backpack designed mainly for backcountry skiing and mountaineering. The Tura is equipped with the following elements:
  • Main compartment accessible from the top 
  • Adjustable front snowboard-carrying system + side ski-carrying system 
  • Axe/poles carrying system 
  • Shoulder straps and padded back in EVA 
  • Ultralight internal aluminum frame 
  • Stowable waist belt with removable pockets 
  • External pocket for hydration system 
Weight: 965g (25l), 1050g (35l)

Our test

Admittedly, it's been quite a tough test for the Tura! We've used it and abused it with no mercy during the 7 months of our tests! Four different testers have been hiking, climbing, skiing and snowboarding with it. We tested the 25l version, but a larger version (35l) is also available.

First Impressions 
The Tura struck us immediately for its lightness and its minimalistic look. The body is made of a thin, light, and highly textured fabric. The shoulder straps, with their “S-shaped”
ergonomic design
, fit perfectly on shoulders and chest. The ski/snowboard carrying system is simple and practical
it consists of straps, eyelets, and some kind of "buttons" (see pics).

Some of the first comments from our testers: 
  • “Everything seem to be aimed at functionality and lightness: you've only got what you really need. Quite minimalistic.” 
  • “Essential and light!” 
  • "With three ways to fix skis/snowboard this is definitely the ultimate backcountry pack."
  • "Smart!"
  • "Very light and functional!... I give it a 10!"
The Tura is first of all light! We really appreciated its lightness and its clean design. When you have to carry heavy climbing gear, ice
axes, snowboard or skis on your shoulders, every gram counts. The 25l version weighs less than a kg (965g). This definitely makes the Tura one of the lightest backcountry skiing backpacks in the range of 20-30l capacity. All the superfluous has been sacrificed for the sake of lightness and functionality.

The tapered form of the lower part of the body and the ergonomic shape of the back provide great comfort and freedom of movement. This is especially appreciated when climbing. When carrying snowboard or skis, you always feel like you can move smoothly and the load is always evenly distributed and firmly held close to the body. The shoulder straps are very comfortable. They are made of EVA, a very light and soft material (the same material used for running shoes). Even when the backpack is heavily loaded, the shoulder straps are super comfortable, also thanks to
their “S-shaped” ergonomic design, that perfectly adapts to the shape of the body.

Design & Functionality
The two large pockets, one of which is specially designed for the avalanche rescue equipment, have very ample openings and are easy to access, which is great in those extreme cases in which the
speed of action is essential. Even when board or skis are attached you can always easily access the main compartment.
The zips are fairly resistant to water and they always work with ease, even in presence of snow or ice. The sliders have cords and plastic plates, which make them easy to grab also when wearing gloves.
The large pocket for the hydration system is placed externally, behind the back. Unfortunately, wether in use or not, there is no way to fully seal this pocket, which, therefore, tends to collect snow and rain. It would have been nice to have a zipper here!
The fastening straps for the skis at the top of the backpack, also act as compression straps.
The waist strap is very basic and light, therefore ... not extremely tough (at the end of our tests it was starting to rip off). This strap has two spacious and comfortable pockets for small items (camera, phone, energy bars, etc.), which can be removed or hidden in a hiding compartment on the back, if necessary.
The chest strap has a built-in whistle, which may be very useful in case of emergency: a small detail that can save lives.

The ski/snowboard carrying system
The Tura has 3 ways to fix skis and snowboard. You can choose to carry the skis on the side bands in the classic “A-frame mode”, to hang them side by side centrally, or to place them diagonally on the front panel, which has dedicated straps. Snowboards can only be carried vertically on the front panel. The position of the carrying system straps is adjustable thanks to the two “daisy chains” on the sides. This allows to always optimally fix the board, skis, or other equipment, such as snowshoes. The clips are easy to open and close also when wearing gloves. All the major and minor adjustments are always relatively easy to be done, even with a fully loaded backpack.

Despite being categorized as a “Skiing backpack”, the Tura has proven to be a valid backpack in all the situations and for all the activities that we tested. Of course, it performs optimally in backcountry skiing and snowboarding, but it is also well-suited to a wide range of outdoor activities, not only in winter.

The fabric chosen for the body of Tura is a good compromise between lightness and strength. The two side ski-straps are durable, pretty tough, and do not fear sharp edges. At the end of our tests, we only noticed a single major sign of stress: the waist belt began to tear. This was probably not surprising, given the thinness and lightness of this strap.

Our verdict

The Tura certainly stand out for its lightness and versatility. Although in Haglöfs' catalog it appears under the “Skiing” section, the Tura is also a really valid backcountry and
mountaineering backpack. The presence of a ski/snowboard carrying system simply widens its range of use, extending it to many more winter adventures. However, the Tura is such a light, functional, reliable, and fairly tough backpack, that it would be a real shame to limit its use to winter only! Its ergonomic shape and overall functionality are the clear result of a successful project and design. Certainly, the Tura is one of the
best packs we had the chance to test so far.

+ Light
+ Functional
+ Versatile

- The waist strap is not very tough

 Lightness  9/10
 Comfort  7/10
 Design & Functionality  9/10
 Versatility  8/10
 Durability  7/10
Final Score 8.0/10

Testers: Daniele G., Maurizio L., Marco M., Italo B.