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Outdoor Research - Ferrosi Hoody Jacket

posted Oct 5, 2013, 5:55 AM by GoOut Project   [ updated Oct 5, 2013, 5:56 AM ]

The Ferrosi Hoody™ is a Soft Shell jacket specifically designed by Outdoor Research for the needs of climbers. It's extremely light, breathable, and stretchable, but at the same time it is designed to offer sufficient weather protection and abrasion resistance when you are on the walls. We sent it to our testers to check its true performances outdoor.

Technical Description

The jacket is composed of two very thin and light fabrics, both having DWR treatment: a Cordura and spandex fabric on arms and shoulders and a ripstop and spandex fabric on the body. The jacket has two front pockets for the hands and one small pocket on the left arm.
The jacket features:
  • Adjustable hood
  • Internal chin guard
  • Off-set center front zipper
  • Multiple pockets
  • Left pocket doubles as a stuff sack with biner loop
  • Drawcord hem
  • Arms & shoulders: 91% Cordura®, 9% spandex with DWR finish
  • Body: 86% ripstop nylon, 14% spandex body with DWR finish
Weight: 318g (size M)

Our Test

We tested the Women's Ferrosi Hoody Jacket for several months over spring, summer, and autumn mostly for climbing (both for sport climbing and multi-picth alpine climbing).  

Lightness & Packability
The jacket is extremely light (about 300 g!). Both fabrics, the one on the body and the one on the arms and shoulders, are very thin and very light. The jacket can be packed in its left pocket in a very small volume (approximately the size of an apple), so it's always easy to carry it with you.

Cut & Fit
The Ferrosi Hoody fits perfectly. The adjustment cords on the hood are great and very useful whenever it's windy or rainy and they tighten perfectly. There's only one adjustment on the waist hem cord, which I found uncomfortable, as the excess cord gets very long if you tighten it too much. A cord adjustment on each side could be a better solution.

The fabrics are soft, stretchable, and very light. They feel gentle and
"silky" on the skin. The jacket is so light that most of the time you will simply forget you are wearing it.

Freedom of movement
The stretchability is always very ample. This is great during climbing, but also while belaying on multi-pitch routes, giving you always maximum freedom of movement.

The Ferrosi Hoody doesn't make you sweat at all, but at the same time it also keeps you warm (quite surprisingly, given the thinness of its fabrics), blocking wind and even rain perfectly.

Weather Resistance
Although very light, the fabric is extremely wind resistant. Also light rain is not a problem thanks to the DWR treatment.

The protection from abrasion that the Cordura offers on arms, elbows, and shoulders is very useful when climbing and it helps extending the life of the jacket. 

Although we tested it thoroughly for climbing, where the Ferrosi Hoody offers the best performances, this garment can be used for many other outdoor activities: cycling, running, climbing, hiking... and any other high-intensity activity in which you need weather protection packed within the minimal volume and weight.

Our Verdict

The Women's Ferrosi Hoody by Outdoor Research is the ideal soft shell jacket for a rockclimbing day during spring, summer, and autumn. It's also well suited for all those outdoor activities were you need minimal weather protection, high breathability, and great freedom of movement. Very light, highly stretchable, and sufficiently weather-protective, this garment is gonna be your trusted companion on many climbs and in any other intense outdoor activity.

 Lightness& Packability  10/10
 Fit & Cut    8/10
 Freedom of Movement  10/10
 Comfort    8/10
 Breathability    9/10
 Weather Resistance    8/10
 Versatility    9/10
 Durability    7/10
 Total Score  8.6/10

+ Extremely light
+ Super stretchable

- Not so easy to stow in the pocket (pockets could be larger)