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CRAFT - Active Extreme Roundneck Long Sleeves

posted Sep 13, 2013, 11:02 AM by Italo Balestra   [ updated Sep 18, 2013, 3:04 PM by GoOut Project ]

The Active Extreme Roundneck Long-Sleeve Shirt is a very versatile baselayer suitable for a wide range of uses and temperatures. Thanks to the “hollow” fibers of its thin fabric, it combines cooling and warming in a single garment. At Go Out Project we love versatility, so we decided to test the true performances of this garment on the field.


The Active Extreme baselayer consists of a thin, light, and highly elastic material, that combines two polyester fibers together. On the inside, the Coolmax® Extreme helps conducting moisture to the outer layers, while on the outside, the Thermolite® hollow fibers trap the body warmth.

Material: 100% Polyester

Weight: 130 g/m²
(In comparison to the “Be Active” material the “Be Active Extreme” is a bit lighter and it feels less "woolly")

Our Test

Outdoor activities tested:
climbing, hiking, snowboarding, mountain biking, trail running, training.

We tested the Active Extreme Long-Sleeve Shirt for several months in a variety of weather conditions and temperatures and for different outdoor activities, such as climbing, hiking, snowboarding, mountain biking, trail running, and training.


First Impressions
Every time you wear the Active Extreme Long-Sleeve Shirt, a feeling of freshness and great comfort is immediately perceivable. Once you wear it, you'll never want to take it off. The fabric is very gentle on the skin and never itchy. It's also quite thin and light, which makes it feel fresh. At the same time the fabric has hollow fibers which help retaining some body heat. 
In other works: very good thermoregulation

Extremely light! The size M weights probably less than 100g! It also packs in a ridiculously small volume, which is very helpful in many outdoor situations, whenever you want to save some space in you backpack.

In comparison to the “Active” series, CRAFT's “Active Extreme” series are a bit lighter and they feel less "woolly" or itchy on the skin. 
Although no anti-odor treatment is applied, the garment doesn't get stinky very easily. We have been wearing it constantly for more than 24 consecutive hours (we even slept in it) and even after such an extreme usage the “stink factor” was still moderate. 

Fit & Cut
The fit is perfect: the shirt is designed on an "athletic body" (which is not always obvious for other brands) and it wraps nicely around the body. The stretchability of the material is sufficient to make it fit nicely, following the curves of the body and, at the same time, it is not so tight to become uncomfortable or to hamper movements. 

The cut is great: the length on the waist is optimal. Some extra cm of length ensure that your belly and waist never get exposed, not even during the most intense workouts, nor when both arms are stretched and reaching up high (such as in climbing, for instance). 

Drying Rapidity and Moisture Wicking Power
It dries extremely quickly. It absorbs sweat and moisture so rapidly, that the only way to make it wet is to wear it in a sauna while riding a stationary bike as fast as you can!

The thickness of the fabric is very well chosen. It warms up the body retaining quite a good portion of heat, and you'll notice it also after exercise or during breaks. But at the same time, it does not hamper moisture transport and sweat evaporation. This ensures great thermoregulation capabilities both when exercising and at rest.

Extremely versatile garment, mostly because of its great thermoregulation capabilities, but also because of its lightness, packability, and functionality. 

The fabric is very light and very thin, therefore also fragile. This is not a garment that you can wear for a hike or a ride in the woods without an external protective shell.  It certainly requires some extra care, also when washing. After the test we noticed in several sports some treads pulled out by the wear or abrasion, especially after climbing.

Note on the material - Since decades the good old Polyester has proven to be a great, very durable material. But we all know that synthetic fibers aren't very “green”. It would be nice to see CRAFT doing some effort to use at least recycled polyester or alternative, natural and renewable materials, such as merino wool.


Once you wear this Active Extreme baselayer you won't wanna take it off. One of the most versatile outdoor garments we have tried. A real 4-season garment that can be used for many different outdoor activities and in very different climatic conditions: from a running session on the beach to a backcountry ski-tour.

Tester: Italo (180cm - 75kg - size M)

 Lightness  10/10
 Comfort  10/10
 Fit & Cut  10/10
 Drying Rapidity  10/10
 Moisture Wicking  10/10
 Versatility  10/10
 Durability  5/10
 Total Score  9.3/10

+ Perfect fit
+ Extremely good drying capability
+ Very thin & very light
+ Stretchable (flatlock seams follow body movements)
+ Fresh & gentle feeling on the skin during exercising

- The thin and light fabric is fragile, it suffers the wear, and it requires some extra care

CRAFT - Active Extreme Roundneck Longsleeve