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CRAFT - Cool Concept Piece W

posted Oct 31, 2013, 5:50 AM by GoOut Project   [ updated Dec 17, 2013, 10:40 AM ]

CRAFT's new Cool Concept Piece is a super-light, cool, and stretchable t-shirt designed to keep you cool when running or training in warm/hot temperatures. It is a very light, well designed, and functional garment that attracted our attention. We gave the woman version to one of our girls who tested it for us throughout the summer.

Technical Description

Two different, very light, synthetic fabrics are combined in this garment: a super-light ventilation mesh on the upper part of the back and shoulders and a plain fabric on the chest and lower part of the back. Both materials are a combination of Polyester and Elastane (or Spandex). Both fabrics have a particular 3D micro structure with six fibers (called Hexachannel) that helps perspiration and favor water vapor transport away from the body, hence keeping you cool. 
The Cool Concept Piece also features:
  • Moving Wing Technology® for enhanced freedom of movement on the shoulders
  • High UV protection (UVP 50+) for sensitive skins

Hexachannel-fiber Material: 91% Polyester, 9% Spandex (weight: 130 g/m²) 
Mesh material: 95% Polyester, 5% Elastane (weight: 83 g/m²) 

Our Test

We tested the Cool Concept Piece for 4 months over the summer for running, training, aerobic, and crossfit in a range of warm/hot temperatures and dry conditions. We used it, not only as a single layer, but also in combination with other layers, such as wind-breaker shells.


The Cool Concept Piece is very light. You barely notice it when running, which means you can concentrate 100% on your performance.

It does a really good job at keeping you dry and cool.
 The secret is in its very thin polyester fabric combined with mesh panels on the back, which add extra ventilation were you need it more.  The thin polyester fabric dries impressively quick (from soaking wet to completely dry in a few minutes).

Despite being thin the fabric is durable. After 4 months of use and many washings, we didn't notice any sign of wear or any damage of the fabrics.

The fit is perfect. Craft cut and design are "made for athlete's body". The fabric of the t-shirt always feels great on the skin and never causes chafing. It is also stretchable enough to always fit relatively tightly, but without compromising mobility. Some extra centimeters of length on the waist ensure that your belly and back are always properly covered even during more explosive training.

The mesh panels on the back and shoulders are great to add extra ventilation in those hot summer days when it's nice to feel some
breeze on your back, which also helps drying the sweat.

This garment functions well also if used as a base layer in mild/cold temperatures, for example, worn underneath a wind-protective shell or a soft shell. 

Our Verdict

The Cool Concept Piece t-shirt is very light, functional and comfortable. It's ideal for running and endurance training in hot/warm temperatures and dry weather conditions. In cold or wet conditions, it functions also well, if used in combination with the proper outer layers.

+ Light & fresh
+ Perfect cut & fit
+ Very quick drying

- Why not recycled materials?

 Lightness 10/10
 Comfort 10/10
 Fit & Cut 10/10
 Drying Rapidity 10/10
 Versatility   8/10
 Durability 10/10
 Total Score 9.7/10

Text by Marina Tronquet - Photos by Italo Balestra