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Craft - Cool Tee with Mesh

posted Jun 28, 2013, 3:05 PM by GoOut Project   [ updated Jul 12, 2013, 2:52 AM ]

Craft's Cool Tee with Mesh is a t-shirt specifically designed to keep you cool when exercising in warm/hot temperatures. This is the  "performance T-shirt", the one you wanna wear to beat your personal best! No extra grams and purely functional.


Two different, very light, synthetic fabrics are combined in this garment: a mesh panel on the back/underarms and a plain fabric on the chest and shoulders. Both materials are a combination of 91% Polyester and 9% Elastane (or Spandex). Both fabrics have a particular 3D micro structure with six fibers (called Hexachannel) that helps perspiration and favor water vapor transport away from the body, hence keeping you cool. 
For those with very sensitive skins, high UV protection (UVP 50+) is also guaranteed. 

Hexachannel-fiber Material: 91% Polyester, 9% Spandex (weight: 130 g/m²)
Mesh material: 91% Polyester, 9% Elastane (weight: 104 g/m²)

Our Tests

Activities tested: trail running, climbing, mountain biking, crossfit.

We tested the Cool Tee for trail running, training, biking, and even for some climbing in a range of warm/hot temperatures and dry conditions. We used it, not only as a single layer, but also in combination with other layers, such as wind-breaker shells. 


The Cool Tee is very light. You barely notice it when running, which means you can concentrate 100% on your performance.

It does a really good job at keeping you dry and cool.
The secret is in its very thin polyester fabric combined with mesh panels on the back, which add extra ventilation were you need it more. Polyester is well-know for its drying rapidity and its moisture wicking capabilities. The thin polyester fabric (of about 100 g/m²) used on the Cool Tee dries impressively quick (from soaking wet to completely dry in a few minutes).

Despite being thin the fabric is durable. After a few weeks of use and several washings, we didn't notice any sign of wear or any structural damage.

The fit is close to perfect. Unlike other manufactures, Craft has designed this t-shirt on a "regular athlete's body". It always feels great to have it on, no chafing whatsoever. The fabric has the right amount of stretch to always fit relatively tightly, but without compromising mobility. Some extra centimeters of length on the waist help keeping your belly and back covered even when you raise your arms (as for example, when climbing or during more explosive training).

Although not designed for climbing, we found it useful if used as a base layer in mild/cold temperatures, for example, worn underneath a wind-protective shell or a soft shell. 

On the bike, it is also good if used in combination with another layer, for mild temperatures, or also as a single layer for the hottest summer days when you need to feel some breeze on your back.

Our Verdict

The Cool Tee with mesh is the t-shirt one you wanna choose to set your personal best! Very light, functional and comfortable, it's ideal for running and endurance training, as well as biking, in hot/warm temperatures and dry weather conditions. In cold or wet conditions, it functions well if used in combination with other layers.

Prices & Awards: Price-Performance-Tip in the Bike-Issue 04/2008

  • Light & Fresh
  • Perfect Fit
  • Efficient Moisture Wicking
  • No effort to use recycled materials 
Tester: Italo (180cm - 75kg - size M)

 Lightness  9/10
 Comfort  9/10
 Fit & Cut  9/10
 Drying Rapidity  9/10
 Moisture Wicking  9/10
 Versatility  6/10
 Durability  7/10
 Total Score  8.3/10

CRAFT - Cool Tee with Mesh