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Marmot - Artemis Jacket

posted Mar 21, 2015, 2:00 PM by GoOut Project   [ updated May 2, 2015, 12:58 PM ]

Lightness, breathability, and versatility... for Go Out Project these are the three most important qualities that a technical, protective shell should have. The Marmot Artemis Jacket is a waterproof jacket that seems to possess exactly these three fundamental properties, so... let's just test it!

Technical Description

The Marmot Artemis Jacket is a very light and relatively stretchable 2.5-layer Hard Shell. For its lightness, its clean design, and its relatively tight fit, it's a garment suitable for all those outdoor activities where weight and size are key factors.

  • Marmot® NanoPro™ Membrain® Waterproof/Breathable Stretch Fabric
  • 100% Seam Taped
  • Helmet Compatible Hood with Laminated Moldable Brim
  • PitZips™ with Water Resistant Zippers
  • Pack Pockets™ with Water-resistant Zippers
  • Internal Zippered Pocket
  • Asymmetric Cuffs with Velcro® Adjustment
  • Elastic Draw Cord Hem
  • Angel-Wing Movement™
Materials: NanoPro™ MemBrain® 100% Nylon Shadow Ripstop Stretch 2.9 oz/yd

Weight: 323.2 g
(Size M)

NOTE: Avoiding the use of the most renowned waterproof membranes with Hollywoodian-marketing, Marmot manages to keep the price lower than most competitors. Thanks Marmot, we fully support this choice!

Our Test

We used the Artemis jacket for backcountry skiing, alpine climbing, and mountaineering in the Mont Blanc massif (Mont Blanc, Elixir of Astaroth, Grand Capucin) in June in windy and snowy weather conditions. The Artemis jacket accompanied us during the ascent of Kang Yatze (5600 m) in variable weather conditions.

First Impressions

As soon as you grab it you immediately perceive its lightweight. Its construction immediately conveys its DNA, which is that of a multipurpose garment for many activities in the mountains and not only. The Artemis is a jacket with which you are immediately in tune, so that it is obvious how to put it to the best use!

Lightness & Packability

Although not the lightest in existence, with its 300 g the Artemis can certainly be considered a lightweight Hard Shell. If you consider that you are wearing, or carrying in your backpack, a full shelter against the worst weather that weighs so little and that packs in a ridiculously small volume, it must be recognized that it is an extraordinary light and small garment!

Cut & Fit

In order to maximize breathability the fit is quite tight, while still leaving room for thin intermediate layers. Thanks to the stretchability of its fabric, the Artemis does not hinder your movements evereven in the most extreme reachy movements when climbing. The sleeves fit well to the arms without bothering around armpits or elbows. The cuffs, with adjustable velcro, have an asymmetric shape that wraps very well around the wrist and that protects your hands better than the usual straight cut. The hood does its job very well, also when wearing a climbing helmet, thanks to the functional volume-adjustment cords. The hood stays in the right place without hindering your view also when you rotate your head. The length on the waist and the positioning of the front pockets are perfect for those who frequently wear a harness.


As most Hard Shells and especially the 2.5 layers, it has a plastic-like
feeling to the touch, pretty far from the pleasant feeling offered by a Soft Shell. But still, the stiffness of the Artemis is not terrible. Combining the right materials, Marmot has managed to reach a good compromise between performance, comfort, and strength of the fabric. Unlike 90% of the competitors, Marmot comes out with a fabric that offers similar weather protection, but with a stretchable fabric! This greatly enhances comfort. Great job! And stretchability is obviously fundamental not to hinder your movements.


Waterproof membranes that are breathable enough to be functional for sport clothing applications do not exist yet... and although this might not be "politically correct" to say, it's the truth! Having said that, compared to most 2-layer Hard Shells the Artemis breaths definitely better. Marmot's NanoPro MemBrain®, is indeed a step ahead in comparison, for example, to a classic GoreTex Pac-Lite: Marmot's membrane is overall more comfortable and the critical limit of condensation on the inner surface is reached significantly later. During the most intense efforts, the large ventilation zips help to let
excess heat out.

Weather Protection

Weather protection is perfect! Wind, snow, water, and whatever else might fall from the sky does not penetrate this stretchable, protective shell. So, whenever the weather conditions become worrying, you can be sure that the Artemis will keep you protected! All the adjustments (on cuffs, hood, and waist) seal the bad weather out and the heat inside.


Ultralight Hard Shells, in particular the 2.5-layer ones, are typically more subject to wear and tear. To keep the weight low, most brands opt for light, but less resistant materials. However, on the Artemis the strength-to-weight ratio is surprisingly high! The highly abrasive granite, on which we thoroughly tested it, has not caused any alarming damage to the shell. Perhaps the Artemis is less durable than a heavier 3-layer Hard Shell, but it is certainly hard to die, even if "grated" on the granite!


Not being a garment designed for a specific use (which is something we truly appreciate!), it behaves very well in a multitude of activities in the mountains. Thanks to its lightweight and excellent packability you can always easily fit it in your backpack. Because of its stretchable fabric you will favor it over other protective shells and you will end up carrying it with you all the time .Definitely a good choice if you are looking for a 4-season Hard Shell to do whatever you want out there!

Our Verdict

The Artemis is a multipurpose garment: not a jacket specifically designed for a particular activity, but suitable for all outdoor uses where you have to protect yourself from the elements. It is a lightweight, highly packable jacket with a good cut and that breaths almost like a Soft Shell. If you do not need one of those 1.5-kg armors from the 90s to protect you from the rain and you like to move freely, light and fast, the Artemis is the right jacket for you. Just bring it with you for any adventure outdoor and wait for the weather to launch the challenge!


+ Stretchable fabric

+ Good breathability

+ Good cut and fit


- Plastic-like feeling

- Ventilation zippers do not work very smoothly

 Lightness & Packability    8/10
 Comfort    8/10
 Fit & Cut    8/10
 Weather Protection    9/10
 Breathability    9/10
 Versatility    9/10
 Durability    8/10
 Total Score   8.4/10