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Five Ten - Daescent

posted Mar 6, 2012, 2:31 PM by GoOut Project   [ updated May 5, 2012, 3:28 AM by Italo Balestra ]
Interesting experiment which further develops the classical concept of approach shoes, like the Guide Tennie, toward ultralight climbing shoes. Thanks to the low-profile sole and the thin breathable upper, the Daescent give a feeling of high sensitivity.


The Daescent are not climbing shoes, they are not running shoes, nor trekking shoes, nor skate shoes, but they take inspiration from all of those. In reality, the result is a hybrid pair of shoes that does not adapt to so many uses. The excellent grip combined with the extreme lightness make these shoes suitable for approaching, easy climbing, and bouldering. The grip is exceptional and surprisingly good on most terrain, with the best performances on slabby rocks.

Thanks to their high sensitivity they can also be used for some moderate-level parkour or slackline. Unfortunately, the thin sole is a big limitation in jumps and landings or whenever higher shock absorption is needed. For their minimalistic nature they are almost exclusively summer shoes, certainly inappropriate for rainy days or wet conditions.


The Good:
  • Extremely light (300g)
  • Excellent grip
  • High sensitivity
The Bad:
  • Scarse support in lateral movements
  • Annoying constant shift of the tongue to the side (a simple ring to fix it to the laces is missing)
  • Not suitable for cold and wet conditions