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Patagonia - Tsali Trail Running

posted Mar 6, 2012, 2:33 PM by GoOut Project   [ updated Apr 14, 2012, 1:31 PM by Italo Balestra ]
Very good shoes designed for trail running, but with a great potential for versatility. They offer the optimal compromise between strength of the materials and lightness. The upper has a robust construction that does not easily loosen in lateral movements or when pushed to the limit. The rubber reinforcement covering the tip of the shoes contributes to reinforce the structure and to increase the durability potential. At the same time, the materials used for the upper are chosen to guarantee high flexibility and this also contributes to provide a feeling of high sensitivity and extreme comfort.

You forget that you are wearing them!

The Tsali are very well suited for long trail running sessions.

The grip is good even when pushed to the extreme on very steep slopes, therefore these shoes reach very high performances in uphill and downhill running on the mountains. They are not built to be waterproof, but they have a reasonable level of impermeability, that allows to use them also in moderately rainy days. The breathability is sufficient, in the majority of the cases, and the "stink factor" is low enough to be bearable even after the most intense running sessions.

They also have small reflective parts that make yourselves visible at night.

The Good
  • Versatile
  • Light
  • Comfortable
  • Strong construction
The Bad
  • Still nothing found