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Salomon Ski Rocker2 122

posted Mar 21, 2013, 1:27 PM by GoOut Project   [ updated Jan 23, 2014, 4:19 AM ]


We’ve heard a lot about the new Salomon Rocker2 powder skis during the pre-season months so we decided to test them. During the last two months we used them in very different conditions: from icy snow to perfect slopes, from moguls to powder runs.


Salomon Rocker2 122 skis are specifically designed for powder with a wide waist under foot (115 mm for 180 and 170; 122 mm for 184 and 192).

The shape is a twin rocker with a regular camber under foot and an innovative construction in honeycomb and abs reinforced frame at the extremities in order to reduce swing weight and to have an even easier floatation.

On Powder

The Salomon Rocker2 122 are really amazing on powder (the element the skis are designed for). We tested them in deep powder and with wide and short turns and they were always impressive for the easy of use, the stability feeling at high speed and the smooth and really “surfy” sensation we had.

Even at the end of the day when powder turns into moguls we felt like being in powder. It’s not easy to find powder skis that perform very well in these conditions, but the Salomon Rocker2 122 did.

In a nutshell, it’s been a blast to ski in powder!

On the Slopes

The regular camber under foot and the short classic sidecut enable solid performance even on harder snow. we could lay down some nice carve turns on the corduroy and chatter was minimal. On icy snow the edge hold was good, considering the wide waist, and sufficient enough to ski comfortably.

With this skis you are sure to go back to the lift in style. However, a cons is that they are a little slow in the edge to edge.

Our verdict

We really enjoyed these skis in deep powder conditions where they are super playful, stable and responsive and allow you to take clean and fluid lines. But even in the firmer conditions we felt comfortable with the Salomon Rocker2 112 under our feet.

Tester: Riccardo S. – 178 cm, 70 kg
Set up:
Ski - Salomon Rocker2 122 180 cm (waist 115 mm)
Bindings - Salomon Guardian 16
Boots - Salomon Quest 120

  • Playfulness
  • Stability
  • Weight
  • Durability
 Lightness 7/10
 Flex 8/10
 Responsiveness 8/10
 Durability 6/10
 Grip 7/10
 Floating 9/10
 Agility 9/10
 Versatility 7/10 
 Total Score 7.6/10

Rocker2 Overview by Salomon

Salomon Ski Rocker2 122

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